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Description &   tasks


Never vacuum before wiping again: The FC 7 Cordless floor cleaner removes all kinds of dry and wet everyday dirt in a single step. In this way, it saves up to half the time.


Optimize handle controls for the customer experience. Create Kärcher FC7 mobile application. Build an alternative application version for the possible FC7 intelligent features.


New look

My idea was to build a new prototype of FC7 device to bring new abilities into user experience and to prepare it for the intelligence adaptation.

FC7 Communication screens

Easy cleaning

Option to wipe dust on lightly soiled surfaces without water.

Regular cleaning

Option for regular cleaning of surfaces without water. The speed of the rollers’ rotation is increased.

Parquet polishing

Option to polish parquet and wood surfaces. A special solution is used to obtain shine and protect the wood.

Ease wet cleaning

Option of ease wet cleaning using a special detergent.

Intense wet cleaning

Intense wet cleaning using a special detergent. The water consumption and the turning number of rollers are increased.

Automatic cleaning

The automatic cleaning system allows to run self-diagnostics and clean all internal parts from dirt within 2 minutes. You will need 200 ml of clean water in the tank.

Boost mode

The turbo mode option allows to turn on maximum power. It consumes a lot of battery power and water.

Low battery

Battery status monitoring with voice and visual notification when battery is low.

Charging process

Animated indication of the battery charging process. The battery is fully charged in 4 hours.

Batterycharge indicator (approx. 45 min. run time)
Fresh water tank empty
Dirty water tank ful
Levels of cleaning and on/ off button


Alternative version

FC7 Alternative version with simplifying controls based on common intuitive steps. Long and short press interaction with buttons.


FC7 Intelligence features

They are some intelligence features that could be used in the FC7 device. Both versions of Figma prototypes are at the link below.