Akazoo redesign / Multiplatform UI assets


Akazoo Music is an international media service provider. I worked on this project for a long amount of time and during it, many ideas were invented but were never implemented for particular reasons. Here I decided to make a small self-challenge to bring a new breath into this project and to redesign the cross-platform interface.


There are some tasks that I set:
– Create a new design vision;
– lead to a common denominator interface on Mobile, Web & TV apps;
– Release material based architecture for user-centric purposes;
– Reach smooth usability by a user-flow optimization;
– Enjoy the work done )

Music is everywhere

Download your music and take it from your morning run to dinner out with Akazoo Premium. Available on all your devices, all the time, even without WiFi or 4G.


The new logo represents the breath of organic design and innovative visual trends. An updated version gives great scope for the animation. Samples will be available soon.


Cross-platform UI architecture

The main idea was to build a heritable interface for common devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops and merge it with a Smarthome and Car audio stacks. My target was to achieve an easy native interpretation with the IoT for every Akazoo service module.