Mobile application for organizing offline music playlists while being onboard. It was developed with the support of the Akazoo music service and Athens International Airport (AIA). This mobile application provided booking, time of flight calculation and had an adaptive search for musical content based on genre, mood & other smart filters. The mobile app was presented both on Goggle Play and on Apple Store markets.


My primary goal was to create advertising content for the promotional campaign, which had 2 main points: creating of the promotional illustrations for the social & media advertising company, designs for stands and billboards and creating of promotional video showreel for the presentations.


The promo video that I created shows step-by-step configuration and technical details of the application. Adobe After Effects CS6 with 3D Element plugin was used.


Enjoy listening to the selected music while you are travelling by plane.Akazoo inFlight is an easy and fast to navigate music application which guarantees the best listening experience of customized offline playlists while being onboard.
When departing from Athens International Airport be sure to download the app and with a few taps of your finger start listening to the curated offline music lists that you will definitely love.


The illustration’s concept was based on the situation, in which the passenger using the InFlight service, was feeling comfortable on the board of the aircraft, despite of any inconvenience, such as noisy neighbors, playing children and other abnormal situations. I prepared several layouts, but, unfortunately, these illustrations were not censored by the airport managers with the following note: “There are no any kind of emergency situations on our airlines that you have shown in the illustrations.” So, I had to abandon such a provocative concept and prepared a simpler one.


Below you can see step-by-step illustrations creation. I used Matte Painting technique in this drawings for the environment creation.