SVIC Isometric / Infographic Animations


For future client’s education programs, I decided to build an animated isometric story that particularly describes the mechanisms of the Startup Scouting, Technology Scouting, and Anti-Crisis Digital Transformations in challenging times. Adobe Flash & Animate CC were used in the process.


Selecting the touch-points between user & service to determine the part of story animation. Creation isometric design patterns for the various stages sets. Action-flow optimization for better client perception.


Startup Scouting

The scenario shows to the stakeholders the performing of the customized global startup search by PhD-level researches, combining primary and secondary sources of information to identify under-the-radar emerging technologies and companies, delivering to the client the early-stage companies with the most potential to impact his business.

Unique Methodology leverage SVIC unique networks of direct connections with venture capital, accelerators and experts in Silicon Valley and beyond to discover the hidden gems of emerging solutions and unique expertise.



Technology Scouting

In short, the animation show how SVIC finds the technologies that will define the next decade of the client’s industry. The main deliverables are:

  • Reports, written by our PhDs with deep connections to the scientific and academic community. These whitepapers, customized to the client’s company, report on what disruptive technologies relevant to client’s business are in development and by whom. Reports include essential details such as profiles of key teams and individuals and analysis of a technology’s commercialization potential.
  • Consulting sessions, with top VCs, tech company executives, and other innovation practitioners, to provide strategic guidance to client’s organization on emerging technology incubation and commercialization.
  • Meetings, in-person and via remote link up, with the entrepreneurs, scientists, researchers, and early-stage companies developing new technologies. These structured engagements are selected to maximise strategic gain for all parties through concrete outcomes such as partnerships and pilot programs.


Anti-Crisis Digital Transformation

This animation shows the influence of large companies to strengthen the deterrent effect in the fight against Coronavirus, and also explains how the technological capacities allow accelerating the process in drug development and also provisioning the volume of Big Data research for global epidemiological centers.